Bitlife Mod APK Royalty With Unlimited Money

Bitlife Mod APK Royalty With Unlimited Money | Latest version 2021

Are you a crazy fan of simulator games and want to play on your smartphones? Simulator games are totally different from other regular games. We are presenting bitlife Mod APK citizenship and unlimited money. You should download bitlife Mod APK into your smartphone right now. Here is the complete introduction about bitlife and its features.

About Bitlife Mod APK:

With over 10 million installs on the Google Play Store bitlife Mod APK is the best simulator game for your phone.  With the free purchased feature, this is the hottest simulator game right now. Just make a choice and clear can witness what will happen in their own lives on the phone. Bitlife is totally different simulator game from Simulator 3 game and Black border. Bitlife mod is the product of Candy writer. Candy writer has a unique collection of 4 simulator games that have been released on the Google Play Store. Although it is not a common name still Candy writer Is the most influential game Publishers in the market.

Bitlife Mod APK Royalty With Unlimited Money

Bitlife APK Mod features:

  • No Ads
  • Unlock VIP features: Access to pet stores, special pets, …
  • Bitizen icons & features only for Bitizen
  • Time machine
  • Looking for your love
  • Financial management
  • When you are 18 years old
  • Free Purchased

You can Also Download:

Bitlife Mod APK Royalty With Unlimited Money

You Should Be Over 18:

As mentioned before in the first paragraph there this game is the hottest game in the history of video gaming. so as a player you should be over 18 years of age to play this game. because this game is intentionally made for adults not for kids. you can find your love in this game as a character. Girls can also play this game but the same principle for them as well.

Bitlife Mod APK Royalty With Unlimited Money

Download Bitlife Mod APK:

You cannot only spend your free time playing this game but also can find a life partner. this is the most interesting feature of the game. So, you should download it to your device if you are over 18. you can download it from Google Play Store by searching it. then you have to click on the install button and wait for the completion of the process.

Bitlife Mod APK Royalty With Unlimited Money


NameBitlife Mod apk
Size92 MB
Current version1.34.2

More about Bitlife Cracked apk

In this section, we discuss some brief bits about Bitlife Mod apk that is what it is all about. By playing this game, you learn so many new things, and it also reflects real life. We sometimes make wrong decisions that result in a negative impact on our lives, and that’s not good. With Bitlife cracked, you can simulate that decision and make sure that it does not harm you. The Bitlife Mod apk predicts based on your opinions and choices. You can increase your happiness, health, smarts, and looks as a result of your choices in the game. Make the Bitlife game more interactive by unlocking achievements and challenges.

Gameplay features of Bitlife Mod game

Home Screen

This game has a very simple and clean user interface, so it gives you some basic options to choose and play. In the middle of the screen is an AGE button. On the home screen of Bitlife Mod apk, you also saw assets, occupations, relationships, and activities. Making relationships helps you in your life as well. If you want to begin a new life, just save your previous life and start a new one. Make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes you did in your previous life and learn from them.

How to play

This game is easy to play, you just have to be wise with your decisions and aware of what you are choosing. Take care of those decisions since they directly affect your life. As you grow older, you start your journey from childhood.  

How to download Bitliferce Mod hack 2021?

Here is the bag full of detailed information about Bitlife mod’s latest version fully compressed. I know you are eager to download the apk. You should be. Now, it is the time you have been waiting for, i.e. the downloading time. Hooray. Let us provide you with the link.

  • You can download the modded apk by clicking on the download button below.
  • You will then be redirected to the download page, which will, in turn, redirect you to the google drive link for the apk.


If you want to learn more about this Bitlife mod 2021 that is in trend, what users think and their experience, then you should go to the Playstore


I had a great time with you guys. We have provided you with the Bitlife mod apk latest version highly compressed and unlimited gems/characters as promised. We have also provided detailed information about its gameplay and modded features. We hope you enjoyed your time with us. Consider subscribing to our blog for the latest and games. Please share the blog with your friends as well. It’s time to wrap up, guys. Bye-bye.

FAQs( frequently asked questions)

Is God mode on Android BitLife?

With over 10 million installs on Google Play, BitLife MOD APK (Citizenship Unlock, God Mode) is the hottest life simulation game right now. Just make a choice and players can witness what will happen in their own lives right on the phone.

Why is BitLife 17+?

Players make text-based choices, which can promote safe or risky lifestyles. It’s rated for people 17 and older, but the BitLife app is wildly popular among younger users. The Smart Social team wants parents to be aware that players are exposed to many mature ideas while they play, including sex, drugs, and violence.

What is God mode in BitLife?

God Mode costs $2.99 and is a one-time payment. This feature is not a part of Citizenship. It is a feature in BitLife that lets you edit anyone’s name, looks, and stats in the game and be able to change this as many times as you want, excluding skin color.

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