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Fake GPS APK Go Joystick Latest Versions

Are you afraid of caught by your location? Are you involved in any illegal activity on the internet? Are you want to hide your location from anyone? If the answer to these questions is yes then you don’t worry. Because in this article we are going to introduce an application which is very helpful about that. The application which we had been introduced as fake GPS APK Go joystick the latest version. Fake GPS APK goes joystick latest version is a fake location application that helps you to distract anyone from your location.

Note:  (Let me clear one thing this article is just for information. don’t use it in any illegal activities. If you would be involved in any illegal activity, this is your own fault.) 

Fake GPS

Fake GPS:

FakeGPS set your real location and leave it so for several hours. Fake GPS APK go joystick latest version is a fake location application that helps you to distract anyone from your location. The description of Fake GPS App. Teleport your phone to any place in the world with two clicks! This app sets up fake GPS locations so every other app in your phone believes you are there Start. On Android 18 and above mock locations are detected using Location. Is From Mock Provider for each location. The app can detect that the location came from a mock provider when the API returns true.

How does it work?

Here is the working procedure of GPS APK go joystick latest version


  1. First, enable the developer settings on your device(on older versions it is not needed).

To enable the developer settings to go to settings > about phone > and click on the android version about 7 times.

  1. in the developer, options enable mock locations.
  2. set your location to be ‘device only'(use only GPS location).
  3. open the app, move the red dot anywhere you like and click on the ‘play button’.
  4. To stop the fake GPS location simply click on the pause button.

How to download GPS APK latest version?

If you are also interested to download Fake GPS APK latest version then you have to read the instructions carefully. The method to download Fake GPS APK latest version is not so hard. Anyone can easily download and install the fake GPS APK latest version. The free version of fake GPS APK is available on Google Play Store.  so you can search and install the fake GPS apk from there. If you are facing any trouble in the installation process then you have to allow the third-party application from unknown sources.

Fake GPS

FAQs( Frequently asked questions )

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Does the Fake GPS app work?

In Android, there is only one way to spoof your device’s GPS (without rooting), and that’s to use Android’s built-in Mock Location API located in Developer Options. Typically, most apps just change the latitude and longitude values to change your GPS location to someplace in the world.

What is the best fake GPS app for Android?

To help you, here are seven of the best apps for GPS spoofing on Android.

  • Mock GPS With Joystick. …
  • Mock Locations. …
  • Fake GPS – ByteRev. …
  • Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer. …
  • GPS Emulator – RosTeam. …
  • Fake GPS Location – Hola. …
  • Fake GPS Location – Lexa.

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How do I deal with fake GPS on Android?

  1. Download a GPS spoofing app. First, head to the Play Store and search for GPS spoofing apps. …
  2. Enable Developer options. Next, if you haven’t already done so, enable Developer options on your phone. …
  3. Select mock location app. …
  4. Spoof your location. …
  5. Enjoy your media.

Why does my GPS keep moving?

You may not notice when you are moving, because GPS engines use advanced techniques to smooth it, but when you are standing still you will see them as moving position. GPS accuracy is determined by many factors. Atmospheric conditions and obstacles obscuring the line-of-site to the Satellites are the main causes

How can I set a fake location on Android?

Mock Location is available in the “hidden” Developer Mode menu on your device:

  1. Go to your “Settings”, “Systems”, “About Device” and tap multiple times on “Build number” and activate the Developer Mode. …
  2. In the “Developer Options” menu, scroll down to “Debugging” and activate the “Allow mock locations”.


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