Palm oil is improving your health, but its tree remained ill

Palm oil is improving your health, but its tree remained ill

Palm oil i.e. palm oil is very useful vegetable oil. Most people know this. The main varieties used in the production of palm oil are African palm oil (Elyse guineaensis) and American palm oil (Elyse oleifera). Palm oil is naturally red or orange in color due to the high beta carotene present in it.Palm oil is improving

Benefits of Palm Oil On the one hand, do you know how much palm oil farming causes damage to our environment. Yes, recent research has revealed how palm oil plants are contributing to global warming. In fact, greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, chloro-fluoro carbon) emit twice as much from the small plants of Palm All as compared to the rest of the big trees, and this has not been seen in a few days or a few years, rather the initial It is like this from the time itself.

Researchers have revealed in a new study that these gases released from palm plants are also responsible for global warming.

What does the research say?

According to the report published in the Journal of Nature Communications, the researchers at Nottingham University investigated the emission of greenhouse gases at different stages of palm tree plantation (palm plantation). The researchers did this research in the northern Selangor peat forest in Malaysia.

What is palm oil?

Palm oil is commonly used as a cooking oil in some countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America, due to health concerns due to its low trans fat compared to other types of oils. Use has increased worldwide.

During the research, researchers have said that palm oil is vegetable oil, which is the most consumed in the world. Not only this, palm oil demand has increased more than three times globally in the last 18 years. In the year 2000, where palm oil production was around 20 million tons, in the year 2018 it increased to 70 million tons. Malaysia is the second-largest producer of palm oil in the world.Palm oil is improving

How was the research done?

Under this research, the researchers analyzed five places in four different stages, the first place was the secondary forest.

  • The other place was a recently dry forest, but it was not clean
  • The third place was clean and new palm oil plants were recently planted here.
  • In the fourth place were large palm oil plants.

Researchers analyzed soil and gas at these sites showed that small plants were emitting 50 percent more carbon dioxide than large palm trees. The researchers said that the gas released from the small palm oil plant accounts for about a quarter of the total greenhouse gases. In this context, tropical marsh forests are responsible for increasing carbon dioxide by about 20 percent globally.

These gases are also

released from the palm plant. Researchers said that the drying of peatlands i.e. swampy area increases the oxygen level in the soil. Due to this, the rate of decomposition or decomposition of organic matter increases and large amounts of carbon dioxide gas are released from them. In addition, small palm plants release greenhouse gases such as methane and nitroxyperoxy nitrate, which are dangerous to our environment.Palm oil is improving

Effect of Green House Gases on Our Health?

According to doctor Fatma, associated with myUpchar, acid rain increases due to the increase in greenhouse gases, which causes chronic lung problems (chronic lung disease) and asthma, bronchitis, along with skin problems.

In addition to this, doctors say, due to rising levels of greenhouse gases, buildings and crops are also damaged. For example, the color of the Taj Mahal (one of the wonders of the world) is fading due to these gases.

How to save

According to the doctor, control of the gases produced by small plants through palm cultivation can be controlled only when other alternatives to palm oil are explored.

A large number of people use palm oil for cooking. Therefore, it is cultivated on a large scale. But greenhouse gases from small palm plants are contributing to global warming, increasing the risk of various diseases. Therefore only a better alternative to palm oil can prevent us from these diseases.

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