Social media and smartphones are doing something

Social media and smartphones are affecting the mental health of adolescent children. Teenage children are falling victim to negativity using smartphones and social media. In some children, thoughts like suicide are born due to social media.

The present era can be called the era of social media and smartphones. After dawn and before bedtime, every human being has a smartphone in his hand. Smartphones and social media have many effects in a person’s life. According to a report published recently in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, social media and smartphones are having a major impact on the mental health of adolescents. Social media and smartphones are impacting the mental health of Teens.

In this research on social media and smartphones, it was found that it is working for mental distress in children. Smartphones and social media are working to increase thoughts like mental disorder, self-harming behavior and suicide among children.

According to a research done before this, social media and smartphones have the most effect in adolescent girls. According to an American study, the possibility of suicide in teenage girls due to smartphones and social media is more strong.

Similarly, according to a research done in Germany, feelings of jealousy and insecurity start increasing in the children who spend more time on Facebook. Negative emotions also increase in children who are always active on social media.

How To Protect Children From The Negative Effects Of Smartphones And Social Media 

Experts on the use of social media and smartphones believe that family members should talk to their children about this. There is a need to keep a close watch on changes in the behavior of children.

This problem may become more serious in the coming times. The family should bear the responsibility to train children more on using smartphones and social media.

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