These 4 Yoga will help for every problem related to eyes, will be stressed and will be fast

These 4 Yoga will help for every problem related to eyes, will be stressed and will be fast

These special yoga postures related to the eyes have been told by Baba Ramdev. They solve all kinds of problems. Eyes are very precious, but in today’s run-of-the-mill lifestyle, people are often troubled by eye problems. In such a situation, if you also have many problems related to the eyes, then some special yoga asanas can prove beneficial for them. In this, one point of acupressure is also mentioned, which can solve many eye problems. So if you also have such a problem, then let us know about these rugs beneficial for the eyes.  

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev in a video on his official YouTube channel has described specific postures for treating every eye problem. Today we are going to discuss these rugs. All these asanas and exercises are taken from the same video.

1. Anulom Antonyms

Anulom inverse easiest pranayama, which is also known as breathing exercises.

It is very easy where you sit in Padmasana comfortably and stretch your hands and then bring your fingers to the yoga posture. Close one nostril with one of your thumbs and take a long breath from the other. And at the same time close the second nonstick and exhale from the first one. Follow the same exercise 10-15 times. You can also do this more. This improves the health of the eyes and is also good for respiratory problems.

2. Press the acupressure point of the hand

The easiest way to overcome the problem of the eyes is to press the acupressure points in our hands. This acupressure point lies down between the first and middle fingers. This gives relief to the muscles of the eyes. At the same time, the eyesight also intensifies. If you are having any problem in your eyes, it can improve a lot by pressing the acupressure point.


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