Ehsaas Rashan Program April 2024

In the rice of the COVID- 19 Governments throughout the world have developed plans to ensure food security for their citizens. In Pakistan in March 2019, ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan launched The Ehsaas Rashan Program, which is good news for all Pakistani citizens. The Pakistani government is running a campaign to distribute groceries to help many struggling people manage their lives. 

Where citizens get subsidies on major rashan like ghee, lentils(daal), sugar(cheeni), tea(patti), rice, flour, and some other products along with this the Punjab ehsaas rashan riayat program also gives a free rashan of 2000 rupees to poor families. This program is helping many poor and needy families that cannot afford their monthly expenses. You can also register online for this program if eligible.

Ramzan ul Mubarak Ehsaas Rashan Program, A Relief Package

Firstly, The Ehsaas Rashan program was introduced and managed by the ex-prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan But now Wazir Azam Shahbaz Sharif is managing this program and checking all the things about this relief scheme.

Wazir Azam Shahbaz Sharif recently made a significant announcement about the celebration of Ramadan. This news brings hope, especially for people struggling with money problems during Ramadan because of high prices. It’s like a bright spot in dark times.

Providing help to people who need it is a really good thing. The government making sure everyone can get cheap flour, which is important for eating every day. They’re also making it easy for people to sign up for help online. This is called Ehsaas Rashan. 

Ehsaas Rashan Program Eligibility Criteria

The government has set strict eligibility criteria to give benefits only to the needy. So to qualify for these discounts, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

Household SizeThe size of your family matters. Larger families with more members are on the priority list.
Income LevelTheir income must be less than 25,000 monthly.
Employment StatusApplicants must be jobless.
WidowhoodWidows are eligible to apply.
ResidencyApplicants must be residents of Pakistan.
Phone NumberRegistered to the applicant’s name.
Government AssistanceApplicants should not already receive any financial help or government support.


So these are the primary requirements that you must meet to receive discounts when you buy groceries. If you think that you have all these factors, then you can apply for this scheme.

How To Check Eligibility CNIC Online

The system will scan your details and if you fall into the category of poor, you will get up to 40% discount on grocery items like Atta, Ghee, and Cheeni for sure. After that, you will receive a follow-up message that will confirm your eligibility for this Rashan relief program.

To check your eligibility online, follow these steps:

  • Type your CNIC number in a text message.
  • Send it to 8171.

Receive eligibility status:

  • You will receive a message indicating the eligibility status of your family.

Visit the nearest Ahsaas center:

  • Once eligible, visit the nearest Ahsaas center for registration.

Required Document for Online Registration 

  • Certificate of Income: Certificate showing the income/salary details
  • National Identity Card (CNIC): Photocopy of valid CNIC
  • House Rent Agreement: Provide the police-attested agreement in case of a rented house
  • Utility Bill: Photocopy of the current utility bill
  • Residence Certificate: Union Council attested certificate showing the applicant’s resident

Ehsaas Rashan Program Online Registration Form

Information RequiredDescription
Full NameYour complete name as per your CNIC
CNIC NumberYour Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number
Contact InformationPhone number, email address, etc.
Residential AddressComplete address including house/apartment number, street name, city, and province
Household IncomeTotal monthly income of your household
Family SizeNumber of individuals in your household
OccupationYour current occupation or source of income
Supporting DocumentsScanned copies of CNIC, proof of income, and any other documents as required
DeclarationConfirmation of the accuracy of provided information and compliance with program guidelines
Verification and ApprovalAwait confirmation of eligibility and approval from program authorities
FeedbackProvide feedback on the application process and program 

Ehsaas Rashan Program Registration-Process

Your first action should be to register yourself if you’re eligible. Here I will guide you on how you can do this. 

  • Pick up your Identity Card and send sms to 8123 with your identity number in the message
  • This will show you the online status.
  • To complete the process visit the nearest e-center.
  • Submit copies of ID cards, income certificates, and other mentioned papers.
  • The staff will guide you if your information is verified. 
  • Once your registration is complete and verified, you will receive a confirmation message.

Role Of Shopkeepers And Stores In Ehsaas Rashan Program  

The government is helping shop owners by giving them money. But only for those who agree to follow certain rules. For example, there are special stores where you can buy discounted groceries after signing up. 

To be part of this program, shop owners have to register online. To make it easier for shopkeepers to register, the government is working with banks to do it online. This helps both the shopkeepers and the people who benefit from the program.


Shopkeepers who take part in the Ehsaas Rashan Program have the option to register themselves through the BOP & NBP. Due to these banks, shopkeepers can now easily register and participate actively in the Ehsaas Rashan Program.

Steps For Shopkeeper Registration 

Here is the registration process for shopkeepers who want to be part of this Ehsaas Program.

  1. Shopkeepers willing to participate need to visit either the Bank of Punjab (BOP) or the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP).
  2. At the bank, you need to submit all the documents. 
  3. Upon successful verification, registered shopkeepers will be authorized to be part of the program.

For Shopkeeper, Registration Using an Online Portal 

  1. Open the web portal
  2. Now choose the option “Dokandaar Register Karain”.
  3. Enter the following details:
  • Full name
  • CNIC number
  • Mobile number
  • Date of birth
  • Mother’s name
  • Tehsil
  • Shop City
  • Shop address
  • NBP district
  • NBP Branch Name

Now submit all this information and that’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check the registration for this program?

You need to send your ID card number to 8123 to check registration.

What is the Ehsaas Rashan program?

The Ehsaas Rashan program is a relief on grocery purchases like Atta, Cheeni, and Ghee. The prices are 40% lower for the beneficiaries so they can avail food items at lower prices.

How can I contribute to the Ehsaas Rashan Program?   

Benefits can be made through financial donations, volunteering at distribution centers, or supporting enterprises aimed at empowering marginalized communities.  

What types of food particulars are distributed through the program?   

The program aims to give essential food particulars similar to ghee, lentils, sugar, tea, rice, flour, and among others.  

Can I also get cash via the Ehsaas Rashan program?

Yes, the cash was Rs. 1000 that is now increased to Rs. 2000 per month for needy families to buy the Rashan for them.

Who is eligible for this program?

The program is for those who have no source of income to buy groceries and who have income but less than Rs 25,000 per month. So it is a relief for those who can not afford these utility items.


In conclusion, the government’s commitment to justice and equality for all is shown by the Ehsaas Rashan Program. With the use of online ID checks, this Ehsaas Program can move closer to its objective of reducing poverty and hunger, so that the people who are eligible and need it the most can get it quickly and easily.